About Affiliate Center for Clients


As of March 31, 2020, cleverbridge no longer issues payouts to affiliates through the Affiliate Center. If you choose to continue using the Affiliate Center to manage your affiliates, you are responsible for paying them out based on the performance reports generated by the cleverbridge platform.

If you no longer want to handle affiliate payouts yourself, ask us about upgrading to Partnerize, our newest performance marketing solution.

The Affiliate Center is a cleverbridge-hosted, web-based tool used by affiliates to:

  • Access reports
  • Create links to your products or website and landing pages
  • Access marketing materials for products
  • Update profile data

Affiliates access it by logging in with a link on your website. Certain aspects of the Affiliate Center can be customized in the Commerce Assistant in the Affiliate Center Setup window. For more information, see Configure Affiliate Center Setup.

When affiliates log in, the Welcome page displays with menu options, an order overview, and a list of the most recent transactions. It includes the following tabs: