Documentation for Developers

Resources and APIs for integrating with the cleverbridge platform
and extending its capabilities


Log in with your cleverbridge credentials and gain access to client-only content marked with an asterisk. This includes forms and lists, as well as the clearing & payouts guide.

API Reference

cleverbridge maintains a rich set of APIs that extend the capabilities of the subscription commerce platform and enable various types of integration between the cleverbridge platform and your system. All cleverbridge APIs adhere to the principles of REST. This makes them simple to use, regardless of your platform or programming language.

Notification Reference

cleverbridge maintains a rich set notifications that extend the capabilities of the subscription commerce platform and enable various types of integration between the cleverbridge platform and your system. cleverbridge notifications are available in XML and JSON.

Developer Documentation

API Guides

cleverbridge's APIs were engineered to serve a variety of purposes. The Pricing API allows the web browsers displaying your web pages to call the API directly using JavaScript. The rest of our APIs require authentication and allow you to integrate your backend system with our platform. After integration, you can use our data to ensure that your database is up-to-date, create customer self-service options, and populate your web pages.

Notification Guide

Notifications are used to upload data exports of transactional data on a regular basis for use in your internal systems. In other words, we send you the purchase-related information that we have accumulated through notifications, thereby synchronizing our system with yours.

License Key Generators

License key generation dynamically creates a key when requested at the time of the order. You set up a web-based key generator and then specify how the subscription commerce platform connects to the server.

License Key Upgrades

As a client, you can provide software license key upgrades at discounted prices. You can choose to authenticate customers’ credentials for these offers.

Platform Guides

Checkout Process Guide

This guide explains how you can optimize your checkout process using the subscription commerce platform. It also explains how to take advantage of the wide-variety of links and URL parameters that cleverbridge offers.

Payments & Transactions Guide

This guide goes into detail about the fraud, compliance, taxation, currency, and payment solutions that the subscription commerce platform supports. It also explains how to get information about transactions and communicate with your customers.

Products & Pricing Guide

This guide explains how to leverage the subscription commerce platform in order to present your products in the best possible light. You can also learn about the different delivery options that cleverbridge supports and how to optimize your pricing.

Reporting & Analytics Guide

This guide provides an overview of the two cleverbridge reporting tools and a comparison of what each offers. It leads you through the basic steps for creating a report in the Business Intelligence application. You can also get an overview of revenue tracking by using x-parameters and learn how to set up and view revenue tracking. Finally, the guide describes how to integrate third-party analytics code with the checkout process with the third-party tracking setup feature in the Commerce Assistant.

Subscriptions & Recurring Billing Guide

This guide lists all 60+ subscription use cases supported by cleverbridge, organized by life cycle stage. It identifies the components of the cleverbridge platform that support every use case, such as the Commerce Assistant, the cleverbridge checkout process, the Subscription API or Cart API, database settings, and so on.