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Align Subscriptions


The AlignSubscriptions API endpoint is used to consolidate the billing of two subscriptions for a customer, resulting in a single billing event in a given period.

Using the pricing logic maintained on the cleverbridge platform, this function performs a pro-rated calculation of the cost of the secondary subscription to merge it with the primary subscription.

This function also supports a preview capability that can be used to calculate and provide the pro-rated billing amount for aligning the subscriptions. This is accomplished by using the AlignmentSettings parameter.


  • Changes made by this function, including the price and/or quantity, apply to all future billing events unless changed subsequently.
  • One of the subscriptions for a given customer must be designated as the primary subscription. The other subscriptions become secondary and align with the billing period of the primary.
  • The two subscriptions must have the same billing interval, for example, monthly.
  • The next billing date of the primary subscription must be greater than the next billing date of the secondary subscription. If this is an issue, clients can simply update the secondary subscription's billing date before aligning the subscriptions.


    Updating the secondary subscription billing date could result in lost revenue for the adjusted billing interval.

  • Both subscriptions must have the status Active.
  • Both subscriptions must have the same currency type.
  • Use of the SubscriptionAlignmentSettings parameter in the API response is required. Before doing so, refer to and understand the considerations detailed in Alignment Settings.

Required Parameter Settings by Use Case

Certain parameters for use cases that use this function require specific values. Set the values for the parameters as shown in the table below.