API Guides

Cleverbridge offers several API collections, which allow you to integrate your front-end and back-end systems with the Cleverbridge platform. In this section of the website, you can find guides to help you utilize these resources effectively. These guides include:

  • The purpose of each API endpoint that we offer
  • The limitations of each API endpoint
  • The common use cases for our APIs
  • Additional considerations to keep in mind before you integrate

Within these guides, you can also learn:

  • How to integrate particular use cases into your flows
  • How to troubleshoot common request/response errors
  • Which parameter settings are required for each use case

The following table provides an overview of the existing REST API guides, as well as links to get more information about individual end-points.

API Guide Description of API Individual Guides for API Endpoints
Cart API Guide

The Cart API allows you to handle cart operations, such as automatically processing a customer's shopping cart.

Pricing API Guide

The Pricing API allows your customers' web browsers to communicate with the Cleverbridge platform and automatically populate your web pages with up-to-date product, price, promotion, and geo IP data.

Product API Guide

The Product API allows you to retrieve information about your products.

Purchase API Guide

The Purchase API allows you to retrieve information about the purchases of your products.

Subscription API Guide

The Subscription API allows you to acquire information about your subscriptions. It also gives you the option of processing a number of different API calls in order to change or update existing subscriptions.

URL Generator API Guide

The URL Generator API allows you to generate two URL types.

The following table provides an overview of the GraphQL API guide, as well as links to get more information about specific topics.

API Guide Description of API Topics in Guide
GraphQL API Guide

At the moment, the GraphQL API can help you manage your customers, products and prices. As a result, you can use this API to renew customer license keys, resend customer emails, and update product descriptions, etc. After the integration, you can also use this tool to create customer self-service options and ensure that your internal product catalog is up-to-date.