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API Guides

cleverbridge's APIs were engineered to serve a variety of purposes. Here is an overview of the types of APIs that we offer:


At the moment, the GraphQL API is focused on helping you to manage your customers, products and prices. As a result, you can use this API to do things like trigger refunds for your customers, renew customer license keys, resend customer emails, and update product descriptions. After integration, you can also use this tool to create customer self-service options and ensure that your internal product catalog is up-to-date.


The GraphQL API requires OAuth 2.0 authentication. For more information, see Authentication.

Web Browser REST API

Our web browser API, the Pricing API, allows the web browsers displaying your product pages and catalogs to call the API directly and populate your webpages with up-to-date, localized product and pricing information.


The Pricing API requires no authentication.

Backend REST APIs

The other REST APIs we offer enable you to retrieve and modify information about purchases and subscriptions, as well as trigger transactions. As a result, you can use these APIs to do things like upgrade subscriptions, generate checkout process URLs, and generate shopping cart previews. After integration, you can also use these tools to create customer self-service options and ensure that your transactional database is up-to-date.


Our backend REST APIs require basic authentication. The following describes the authentication, header values, and status codes used for our backend REST APIs. Testing information and reference material are also provided.