Define a License Key Template

cleverbridge offers you the option to define a template for your license key. To set up a template in the Commerce Assistant, do the following:

  1. In the Product portal, select the product for which you would like to create a license key template.
  2. Under Delivery, select the Delivery Texts tab.
  3. Select the Key template checkbox. The Key template textbox opens.
  4. Create a template. You can use the following placeholders:

    Placeholder Description
    <Key> License key
    <RegName> Customer name
    <ProductId> Product ID


    Internal product ID
    <[NAME_OF_X_PARAM]> Corresponding x-parameterClosedThe x-parameter is a variable appended to a URL that allows grouping and tracking orders for later reporting purposes. It also enables you to pass through data that you want to capture in the order process. X-parameters can also be used to control design elements based on the value of the x-parameter.
    <ProductName> Name of the ordered product
    <Quantity> Quantity of the ordered product
    <ProductTrialUrl> URL to download a trial version of the product
  5. Click Save.


Defining a template in the Commerce Assistant, as opposed to using standard software, allows you to:

  • Use a generic template
  • Insert placeholders that are replaced by purchase info
  • Define multiple languages
  • Use HTML


If you do not enter a key template, the default template is used. A key template starts with <Key>.

For more information about templates, including information about email key templates, see Products ✱.