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Get Subscriptions for Customer


The GetSubscriptionsForCustomer API endpoint is used to retrieve data for one or more of a specified customer's subscriptions that meet the criteria specified in the API call.


  • To call this function, pass one (and only one) of the following parameters:
    • CustomerId
    • CustomerReferenceId
    • CustomerMail

  • If your company is able to securely identify a customer prior to an order, then you can pass your own unique customer identifier to cleverbridge, and cleverbridge will store it as CustomerReferenceId for your subsequent use in qualifying certain API endpoint calls (including this one).

  • The Subscriptionstatus parameter is optional. If it is blank, then information on all subscriptions for the specified customer will be returned. Valid Subscriptionstatus parameters are:
    • Active (or 1 for JSON)
    • Deactivated (or 2 for JSON)
    • Finished (or 3 for JSON)
    • Grace (or 4 for JSON)
    • Hold (or 5 for JSON)
    • New (or 6 for JSON)

Required Parameter Settings by Use Case

Certain parameters for use cases that use this function require specific values. Set the values for the parameters as shown in the tables below.


All but one of the use cases below assume that CustomerId is passed. However, each use case could be implemented just as effectively by passing either CustomerReferenceId or CustomerMail.