Getting Started for Developers

Cleverbridge offers a variety of APIs, notifications, and other tools to help you to integrate your front-end and back-end systems with our platform. In this section of the website, you can find an overview of the resources at your disposal, as well as information about authentication, header values, status codes, and use cases needed to start using these tools.

Architecture Overview

The modular, API-oriented architecture of the Cleverbridge platform makes integration straightforward and efficient. To get an overview of the architecture, click on the thumbnail below.

Back-End REST APIs

The back-end REST APIs we offer enable you to retrieve and modify information about purchases and subscriptions, as well as trigger transactions. As a result, you can use these APIs to do things like upgrade subscriptions, generate checkout process URLs, and generate shopping cart previews. After integration, you can also use these tools to create customer self-service options and ensure that your transactional database is up-to-date.

Want to start integrating these APIs? See Start using the Back-End REST APIs.

Web Browser REST API

Our web browser API, the Pricing API, allows the web browsers displaying your product pages and catalogs to call the API directly and populate your webpages with up-to-date, localized product and pricing information.

Want to start integrating this API? See Start using the Web-Browser REST API.


At the moment, the GraphQL API can help you manage your customers, products and prices. As a result, you can use this API to renew customer license keys, resend customer emails, and update product descriptions, etc. After the integration, you can also use this tool to create customer self-service options and ensure that your internal product catalog is up-to-date.

Want to start integrating this API? See the GraphQL API Guide.


You can use notifications to upload data exports of transactional data on a regular basis for use in your internal systems. In other words, we send you the purchase-related information we have accumulated through notifications, thereby synchronizing our system with yours.

Use the Add Notification button to configure and add notifications.

You can choose to receive notifications for particular events, configure notification delivery to as many contacts as necessary, and define how often this upload takes place you receive these notifications, ranging from real-time for every transaction to monthly for multiple transactions. You can also trigger notifications manually.

Want to start integrating notifications? See Notification Guide.

License Key Generators

A License Key Generator allows you to create customized licensing information for customers at the time of purchase. Unlike license key lists, these licenses are not pre-generated. Rather, when the customer clicks 'Buy', the Cleverbridge platform calls your license key generator, submits the purchase details, and requests the license information back as a response.

Want to start integrating a license key generator? See License Key Generators.

Third-Party Integrations

It is possible to integrate the Cleverbridge platform with a variety of third-party applications, including:

  • Salesforce
  • Partnerize
  • TIBCO Scribe
  • Google Tag Manager

Want to start integrating third-party applications, see Third-Party Integrations.