In-App Integration

In-AppClosed In-app refers to services and features that are available from within a software application, usually in a mobile phone app. storefronts contain checkout processes, order processes, or other customer self-service features that open within an iframe in your software. They create less friction by allowing customers to check out, upgrade, or make purchases directly in the application, without the need to open a browser.

How to Integrate

Example In-App

The following is an example of an In-App checkout process using the sample Cleverbridge application Tic Tac Toe.

  1. When a customer opens the sample application, Tic Tac Toe, a Buy now browser object appears at the bottom of the window.

    in-app ordering 1

  2. When the customer clicks on the embedded browser object, they are directed to a customized Cleverbridge order page. To accomplish this, the object opens a Cleverbridge URL.

    in-app ordering 2

  1. The customer fills in the Your details and Payment details pages.

    in-app ordering 3

  2. This customer is directed to the Review your data page, and clicks BUY NOW.

    in-app ordering 4

  3. The customer is told to wait while the order is processed.

    in-app ordering 5

  4. After payment processing is complete, the application recognizes that a license key has been successfully issued for the customer. The key is automatically injected into the application for activation.

    in-app ordering 6


To download the Tic Tac Toe application, open

To learn how to embed a browser object in your application, open In-Application Checkout Process: C# sample code.

Additional Information

The following is additional information to consider if you decide to use the in-app integration method:

Best Practices

Just as our designers create checkout page layouts that match the style of your existing website, our In-App designers apply the look and feel of your software application. However, the following characteristics can pose a challenge to integrating in-application checkouts.


When configuring the in-application checkout process for your application, for compliance reasons you must have either a Review page or a Shopping Cart page.