Integration Guide

The integration guide explains how you can use our APIs and notifications to attract customers and manage subscriptions during the following phases in the customer lifecycle:

  • Engage Phase
  • Acquire Phase
  • Grow Phase
  • Retain Phase

You can also find a section that describes how to migrate existing customers from another system to the Cleverbridge platform:

  • Migrate Existing Customers

In each of these sections, you can learn how to achieve and automate a variety subscription-related use cases. These descriptions contain the recommended flows that you should implement to achieve the use case; API requests and response examples that you can copy and integrate; and code snippets that highlight the notification fields that you need to be aware of.


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Engage Phase

Acquire Phase

Grow Phase

Retain Phase

Migrate Existing Customers


This integration guide demonstrates how to accomplish a variety of subscription-related use cases using our REST APIs. To learn how to implement particular use cases using our GraphQL API, see GraphQL Use Cases.