License Key Upgrades

As a client, you can provide software license key upgrades at discounted prices. You can choose to authenticate customers’ credentials for these offers.

There are different ways to authenticate customer credentials before granting access to a purchase at a discounted price. The most common method is to send the customers an email with an upgrade purchase link.

An alternative method uses an API to validate the customer’s eligibility for the upgrade purchase. There are four steps in the API method:

  1. You set up your API details in the Commerce Assistant.
  2. The customer provides the previous license key during the checkout process.
  3. The license key is validated by your Web server.
  4. If the license key is successfully validated, the customer is able to continue.


cleverbridge does not encourage you to use this process unless it is considered absolutely necessary. Requiring a customer to enter a previous key during the order process is an additional hurdle for the customer in order to submit the upgrade order. This can have a negative impact on conversion rates and decrease overall revenue.