Prefixes for Email Notifications

Notification emails include prefixes in the subject that indicate the notification type. The table below lists each prefix, along with its corresponding notification type and event.

Prefix Notification Type Event
[AWR] AwaitingNotification Awaiting release
[BDE] SubscriptionBillingDateExtended Subscription billing date extended
[CDC] CustomerContactDataChangedNotification Customer contact data changed

ChargebackNotification OR ReturnDirectDebitNotification

Chargeback OR Returned direct debit


Chargeback information request
[CPU] CustomerProfileUpdateNotification Subscription profile data changed
[DEC] OnlinePaymentDeclined Payment declined
[ERR] ErrorNotification Error
[NAF] NewAffiliateSignup New affiliate
[NPA] NewPartnerSignup New partner
[PAY] PaidOrderNotification Paid OR Test order
[QUO] QuoteNotification New quote
[RCA] RecurringBillingReinstatedNotification Subscription reinstated
[RCC] RecurringBillingCanceledNotification Subscription deactivated
[RCH] RecurringBillingOnGraceNotification OR RecurringBillingOnHoldNotification Subscription on grace OR Subscription on hold
[RCR] SubscriptionReminderChargeNotification Subscription reminder charge
[REF] PartialRefundNotification OR RefundNotification Partially refunded OR Refunded
[REG] RegistrationNotification Registration
[ROP] SubscriptionReminderOfflinePayNotification Subscription reminder offline paymentClosed Offline payment stands for a group of payment options. With the order confirmation, the customer receives a link with information on how to make the payment. Ordered products are delivered as soon as Cleverbridge receives a payment confirmation from the payment provider.
[RPE] SubscriptionReminderPayOptExpNotification Subscription reminder payment expired
[WOF] NewOfflinePaymentPurchaseNotification Awaiting offline payment
[WPO] NewPurchaseOrderNotification Purchase order