Set Up License Key Upgrades in the Commerce Assistant

  1. In the Commerce Assistant, in the Setup menu, select Account Setup.
  2. Click the Upgrade Management section to set up your upgrade information. This section is used to configure the API settings used for validating a customer's eligibility for software license key upgrades.
  3. Enter the following settings:

    Field Description
    Enable upgrade management Select to enable license key upgrade management.
    URL Enter the URL you prepared on your web server.
    Username Enter the username you set up to control access to the account.
    Password Enter the password you set up to control access to the account.
    XML schema Select either a specific XML schema or to always use the most current version. Selecting the Use Current Version option always sends the documents in the latest version. However, this may cause compatibility issues if a fundamental change is made to the structure.
    Accept previous license when server is down Select to accept previous license keys even when your web server is down.