Start using the SOAP APIs


The SOAP API is no longer available for new clients. Use our REST API instead. If your application is currently making requests to the SOAP API, you need to migrate to the REST API as soon as possible. We will shut down the API on April 1, 2022, at the latest.

Before integrating our SOAP APIs, read through the following information to help you get started:

Schema Definitions

The following are the schema definitions for our SOAP APIs:

Status Codes

The following describes the status codes that result from successful and unsuccessful calls to our SOAP APIs:

Rate Limits

To guarantee a stable and reliable performance of our platform, cleverbridge places limits on the amount of data that can be consumed. API users are limited to a maximum of 150 requests per second from an IP address or range. All API requests count towards the rate limit.

Developer Guides

The use cases for the SOAP APIs are similar to the back-end REST APIs. For more information, see Start using the Back-End REST APIs.