Start using the Web-Browser REST API

Before integrating our web-browser REST API, the Pricing API, read through the following information to help you get started:


The Pricing API does not require authentication.

Header Values

The most relevant REST request header values for our Pricing API are the following:

Field Name Description Example
Accept Format of the function call response that is desired. application/json or application/xml Setting a value is required.
Accept-Language Contact's language preferences, in order of priority. fr-CH, fr;q=0.9, en;q=0.8, de;q=0.7, *;q=0.5 Not required

In this example, the requested resource is a json object and the preferred languages are Swiss French, French, English, and German, respectively:

curl --request GET \
  --url '' \
  --header 'accept: application/json' \
  --header 'accept-language: fr-CH, fr;q=0.9, en;q=0.8, de;q=0.7, *;q=0.5'

Status Codes

The following describes the status codes that result from successful and unsuccessful calls to our REST APIs.

Rate Limits

To guarantee a stable and reliable performance of our platform, Cleverbridge places limits on the amount of data that can be consumed. API users are limited to a maximum of 150 requests per second from an IP address or range. All API requests count towards the rate limit.

Developer Guides

In the following guide, you can find additional information about the Pricing API, including descriptions of how to implement particular use cases:

Reference Documentation

In the following reference documentation, you can find request and response examples, an API explorer, and parameter definitions for each of the back-end REST APIs: