Third-Party Integrations

It is possible to integrate the cleverbridge platform with a variety of third-party applications. The following describes how to integrate with the most relevant applications in different fields.


Integrating a customer relationship management (CRM) platform enables you to seamlessly import and synchronize your customers' data from/with the cleverbridge platform. The integration also allows you to automate your sales workflow and provide specific targeted reporting. You can integrate with the following CRM platform:


Integrating a partner management platform enables you to analyze and monitor your digital campaigns in a cost and time effective manner. The integration also helps you to plan effective marketing strategies, which allows you to improve your conversion rate and grow your client base. You can integrate with the following partner management platform:


Tracking tools can help you track user activity and develop a better design for your website. You can also use tracking tools to test your website design and identify trending products. You can integrate your website with any tracking tool using the following tag management platform: