Release Notes Q3 2017

Subscriptions & Recurring Billing

Products & Pricing

  • It is possible to offer a physical copy of your digital product through our USB drive service. This can significantly increase the value of your orders.

APIs & Integration

  • If it becomes necessary to exchange a license key for an existing transaction, it is possible to update your customers’ license keys via an API. For more information, see the cleverbridge REST API documentation: PurchaseRestService.
  • It is possible to adjust the underlying schema version for both text and CSV-based notifications. This was previously possible for XML-based notifications only. For more information, see Notification Guide.

Checkout Process

  • Customers in Australia will be charged 10% GST unless they provide a valid ABN number. All ABN numbers submitted in the checkout process will be validated.
  • VAT rate changes have been implemented for both business customers and consumers in Iceland and the Canary Islands.

Clearing & Payouts

  • Clearing files uploaded to the SFTP server have the same file names as those found in the Commerce Assistant.

Commerce Assistant & Business Intelligence

  • With Business Intelligence, it is possible to create cross-sell and up-sell reports. This was previously only possible in the Commerce Assistant. You can create these reports using the following new dimensions: original product (cross/sub-sells), original product (up-sells), recommendation (cross/sub-sells), and recommendation (up-sells).
  • When opening the PurchaseClosed An order made by a customer and the records associated with it. Portal, delivery details will only be shown for your own products in the case of multi-client cross-sells.
  • In the Search for a Purchase window in the CA, it is possible to sort transactions by Quantity.

Payments & Transactions

For more information about the new features and enhancements, contact Client Experience.