Release Notes Q3 2017

Subscriptions & Recurring Billing

Products & Pricing

  • It is possible to offer a physical copy of your digital product through our USB drive service. This can significantly increase the value of your orders.

APIs & Integration

  • If it becomes necessary to exchange a license key for an existing transaction, it is possible to update your customers’ license keys via an API. For more information, see the cleverbridge REST API documentation: PurchaseRestService.
  • It is possible to adjust the underlying schema version for both text and CSV-based notifications. This was previously possible for XML-based notifications only. For more information, see Notification Guide.

Checkout Process

  • Customers in Australia will be charged 10% GST unless they provide a valid ABN number. All ABN numbers submitted in the checkout process will be validated.
  • VAT rate changes have been implemented for both business customers and consumers in Iceland and the Canary Islands.

Clearing & Payouts

  • Clearing files uploaded to the SFTP server have the same file names as those found in the Commerce Assistant.

Commerce Assistant & Business Intelligence

  • With Business Intelligence, it is possible to create cross-sell and up-sell reports. This was previously only possible in the Commerce Assistant. You can create these reports using the following new dimensions: original product (cross/sub-sells), original product (up-sells), recommendation (cross/sub-sells), and recommendation (up-sells).
  • When opening the Purchase Portal, delivery details will only be shown for your own products in the case of multi-client cross-sells.
  • In the Search for a Purchase window in the CA, it is possible to sort transactions by Quantity.

Payments & Transactions

  • All clients have the opportunity to take advantage of the Account Updater revenue retention tool. It can be used to automatically locate the current credit card information needed to process renewals. For more information, see Collect Failed Online Payments Automatically.
  • It is possible to “blocklist” certain payment options that you do not want to offer to your customers in specific regions.

For more information about the new features and enhancements, contact Client Experience.