About Cookies

Browser cookies are packets of data, specifically, text files, stored within a web browser by a web server for later use.

Cookies and the cleverbridge Platform

On the cleverbridge platform, cookies have two purposes. Cookies provide persistent user session tracking and session protection.

It's not mandatory for cleverbridge customers to have cookies enabled to make purchases, but they enhance the shopping experience and are important for revenue tracking.

Persistent User Session Tracking

Cookies provide persistent user session tracking as shown below:

  • Maintains the cart. Customers can switch between your website and the checkout process at cleverbridge, which uses a cookie to identify the customer. The cookie maintains the shopping cart when customers leave the checkout page and return later.
  • Enables the tracking of affiliates. For example, the affiliate receives commission after a trial download when the customer comes back after the trial.
  • Enables tracking of x-parameters for reporting even when a customer's shopping session is interrupted.

Session Protection

Cookies provide session protection as shown below:

  • Secures sessions. If a third party steals a protected web site's URL, the session cannot be read because a cookie is required to access that session. The cookie is protected by the SSL encrypted transmission between cleverbridge and the customer's browser.