About X-Parameters

X-parameters are components of URLs that are used to pass information through the checkout process, such as:

  • Sources of revenue (revenue tracking)
  • Customer information
  • Affiliate and partner information
  • Any other information you'd like to pass

X-parameters are configured for attributes initiated outside the cleverbridge platform. You create x-parameters based on an information need that is not inherently included in the cleverbridge platform, such as a user ID number or the name of a campaign. X-parameters must begin with x-.

How it Works

X-parameters are transmitted to the cleverbridge platform by:

  • Adding them to a URL, which can also be done with the Link Generator.
  • Using XML
  • Manually adding them to a transaction in the Purchase viewer

There is no limit to the number of x-parameters that can be added to a transaction.

View X-Parameters

X-parameters are viewed in two ways:

  • In a specific transaction in the Purchase viewer
  • In reports


X-parameters can be used in conjunction with automated transaction notifications and the XML data feeds for license key generation. This functionality exports data related to the x-parameters to your back-end systems.