Collecting Failed Online Payments (Automatic Collection)

The inability to collect online payments can occur for a variety of reasons, including expired credit card information, payment processor failures, or forgetful customers. To counteract these issues, cleverbridge provides our revenue retention tools and an assortment of automated customer emails.

Revenue Retention Tools

The cleverbridge Revenue Retention Tools work together to increase the acceptance of credit cards when an online paymentClosedOnline payment stands for a group of payment options that do not require the customer to submit the payment in an extra step after submitting the order. With an online payment option, the product is delivered almost immediately (as soon as the payment is processed which usually does only take a few seconds). fails or an expired credit card is detected. As a result, these automated tools can help you to increase subscriber retention, prevent service interruptions to your customers, and reduce negative experiences caused by authorization declines.

Our Revenue Retention Tools include the following:


The cleverbridge Revenue Retention Tools are available for Visa, MasterCard, and American Express credit cards. Together, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express represent more than 97% of cards used for transactions in the United States. For further information about how we exchange of credit card information with Visa, MasterCard, and American Express, see the following:

Automated Customer Emails

Part of the communication between cleverbridge and your customers during the purchase and subscription process is via email. The emails are triggered by events, such as a purchase made or signup for a subscription, and are automatically sent by the cleverbridge platform.

To learn about the assortment of emails that we offer, and which emails we use to send payment reminders and counteract online payment failures, see Customer Email Types.