Communicating with Customers

Part of the communication between cleverbridge and your customers during the purchase and subscription process is via email. The emails are triggered by events, such as a purchase made or signup for a subscription, and are automatically sent by the cleverbridge platform.

Different email types are in place for the events, the most common of which are order confirmation and invoice (receipt). Each email type has a template that is available in all languages supported by cleverbridge. The layout of the emails is based on your corporate design, for example the emails can contain your logo and your colors. From a customer perspective, emails are governed by the following factors:

  • The content of the email depends on the event that triggered the email.
  • The language of the email depends on the language of the order process.
  • The design of the email depends on the website the customer is ordering from.


Shieldware, Inc., sells anti-virus software for personal and professional use worldwide. In the United States, their product Internet Security is available with the payment options credit card and wire transfer. When a customer buys Internet Security from the English version of the US website and pays by credit card, he receives the English version of the email type Invoice (receipt). The email has the look and feel of the website that he bought the product from. A customer that selects wire transfer as payment option first receives an email of the type Order confirmation and then, when cleverbridge has received his payment, an email of the type Invoice (receipt).

You can view all emails relating to a purchase or subscription in the Commerce Assistant. Either take a look at the emails for an existing purchase/subscription or make a test purchase yourself and see which emails you get. It is also possible to enter a Cc or Bcc contact for all customer emails in the Commerce Assistant so that you receive copies of all emails sent to customers.

For a description of the different types of emails supported by cleverbridge, see Customer Email Types.