Offer Backup CDs/DVDs

A backup CD, DVD, or USB drive is an additional service that you can offer to your customers. This is a way for customers to purchase a physical version of a downloaded product. You can offer backup CDs, DVDs, or USB drives to your customers as a good way to increase your cart value.

Backups are sold within the cart as a recommendation. They should only be sold in combination with the original product. They shouldn't be sold as a stand-alone product.

Backup Delivery


Starting December 2022, Cleverbridge no longer offers on-demand backup CD, DVD, or USB drive production through our offices. You can still offer Backup CDs/ DVDs as long as you take care of shipping those products.

Setting Up in the Commerce Assistant

When setting up a backup CD or DVD in the Commerce Assistant, it’s important to select Backup CD as the Product type and Client Mails Physical Product as the delivery type to ensure automated, on-demand production.