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About Retry Logic

If the credit card that cleverbridge has on file is correct, but the payment cannot be processed, then it is possible that one of the following issues has occurred:

  • the credit card limit was exceeded
  • the card issuer closed the card owner's account
  • the card owner missed several payments and the card issuer suspended the account
  • the card owner's account was flagged for fraud

When such issues occur, oftentimes the card owner resolves the problem quickly, making the card available for transactions again. As a result, when a payment cannot be processed, we use our Retry Logic to attempt to process the payment again after a defined number of days.


To avoid charging customers twice for a subscription, you should be careful when using our Retry Logic in combination with winback campaigns which utilize our ChangePaymentSubscriptionURL. For more information, contact Client Experience.


For clients who handle subscriptions themselves, our Retry Logic is available on request. For more information, contact Client Experience.