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Use Case: Add Item at a Custom Price Effective Next Billing Date

Assumptions and Preconditions

  • The subscription has the status Active.
  • All items in a subscription have the same billing interval.


  1. On July 14th, the account executive for a client’s Cloud Customer Care product calls a customer to conduct a quarterly account review. During the call, the customer states that, while interested in the optional Mobile Alerts subscription itemA subscription item is component of a subscription with its own set of attributes including price, description and feature set., they have not purchased it because:

    • Mobile Alerts has little value unless all 400 of the customer’s employees can use it.

    • The £20,000 annual cost (£50 per user for 400 users) exceeds the customer’s budget.

  2. After further discussion, the client convinces the customer that only 300 employees need Mobile Alerts, and offers a special price of £35.00 annually per user, contingent upon 300 Mobile Alert users being added to the subscription effective with the next billing date.

  3. After the customer consents, the client uses an intranet page that utilizes the Add Subscription Item API endpoint to add the Mobil Alerts subscription item with a quantity of 300 and a price of £35.00, effective with the next billing date.

  4. On August 8th, the customer’s subscription automatically renews, and the cleverbridge platform automatically bills the customer £14,000 (the base product renewal price of £3,500, plus £10,500 for 300 Mobile Alerts users at the £35.00 price).


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