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Use Case: Align Subscriptions


Assumptions and Preconditions

  • Both subscriptions have the status Active.
  • Both subscriptions have the same billing interval.
  • The currency type for both subscriptions is the same.
  • The billing amount is a positive number. A negative billing amount resulting from overpayments from a prior billing period is not supported.
  • The next billing date of the subscription selected as primary is greater than the next billing date of the secondary subscription.


  1. On February 1st, a customer purchases a subscription (subscription A) priced at $20 monthly.

  2. On February 10th, that customer purchases another subscription (subscription B) for $10 monthly.

  3. The same day, the customer contacts the client to ask whether both subscriptions can be placed on the same billing cycle. The client selects subscription B as the primary subscription and consolidates the two subscriptions into one billing event on the first of each month using an intranet page that uses the Align Subscriptions API endpoint. There is now one subscription, with two subscription items (Subscription ItemA subscription item is component of a subscription with its own set of attributes including price, description and feature set. 1 & Subscription Item 2).
  4. The same day, the customer is billed $6 for the pro-rated cost of subscription item 1 (formerly subscription A) for the remaining nine days of the current billing interval (March 1st through March 10th) for subscription item 2 (formerly subscription B).

  5. On March 10th, the cleverbridge platform automatically bills the customer $30 in a single billing event for renewal of subscription item 1 ($20) and subscription item 2 ($10).


Although not utilized in this use case, the following options are also available:


For more information, see Align Subscriptions.