Use Case: Bill Customer for Excess Usage

Assumptions and Preconditions

  • The subscription has the status Active.
  • The client knows the next reminder date for the subscription because the subscription must be updated with usage information before this date. The new purchase is created in the cleverbridge platform on the next reminder date. In order to be billed, the usage information must have been applied to the subscription record in the cleverbridge system.


  1. On March 17th, a customer purchases a SaaS data storage subscription that consists of two subscription items billed on a recurring basis as follows:
    • Base usage: €50 for up to 500 gigabytes, billed at the start of the monthly billing interval
    • Excess usage: Storage used in excess of 500 gigabytes, billed at €1 per 25 gigabytes used and billed in arrears
  2. The same day, the cleverbridge platform automatically bills the customer €50 for the base usage subscription itemClosedA subscription item is component of a subscription with its own set of attributes including price, description and feature set..
  3. At the end of the day on April 16th, the client applies a formula to activity records in its data centers to calculate the quantity of excess usage for each customer.
  4. The same day, the client runs a program that uses the Update Subscription Item API endpoint to update the subscription's usage quantity on the cleverbridge platform. This program calculates usage for each subscription with a renewal date of April 17th.
  5. On April 17th, the cleverbridge platform automatically bills the customer €58, which is the sum of €50 for base usage and €8 for 200 gigabytes in excess.


Although not utilized in this use case, the following options are also available:

  • Reduce the price of the excess usage subscription item by applying a discount coupon that was set up in the Commerce Assistant.
  • Suppress generation of the confirmation email to the customer for the transaction.


    The cleverbridge platform generates an email for new purchases that cannot be suppressed.


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