Use Case: Cancel a Subscription


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Provide your customers with a "turn off automatic renewal" option instead of a cancellation option. It has the same effect from the customer's perspective: it stops future billings, but makes it easier for you to win the customer back. For more information, see Use Case: Turn Off Automatic Renewal.

Assumptions and Preconditions

The subscription has the status Active.


  1. On April 29th, a customer who had purchased a client's Windows Anti-virus subscription decides to cancel it. The customer logs into the My Subscriptions page of the client's website. The My Subscriptions page displays the customer's two subscription items, retrieving the data using the Get Subscriptions for Customer API endpoint.
  2. The customer clicks the Unsubscribe button for the Windows Anti-virus subscription. The page uses the Deactivate Subscription Items API endpoint to deactivate the items.


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