Use Case: Cancel Part of a Multi-Item Subscription

Assumptions and Preconditions

The subscription has the status Active.


A client offers a SaaS collaboration platform product, TeamMax, sold by monthly subscription to large companies. TeamMax consists of three subscription items:

  • TeamMax Basic: ¥60,000 monthly

  • TalkMax: ¥25,000 monthly for an optional VoIP video phone service

  • ChatMax: ¥15,000 monthly for an optional chat and real-time file sharing service

  1. On May 1st, a customer is automatically billed ¥100,000 for the renewal of the subscription that includes all three subscription items.
  2. On May 22nd, the customer decides to use a free instant messaging and VoIP service, and cancels the TalkMax and ChatMax services.
  3. The client accesses an internal application that uses the Get Subscription API endpoint to retrieve the subscription information.
  4. The client unchecks the check boxes next to the TalkMax and ChatMax subscription items on the internal application. The client presses the Cancel button. The application uses the Deactivate Subscription Items API endpoint to deactivate both of these subscription items for the subscription on the cleverbridge platform. This stops billing for both subscription items effective with the next billing date.
  5. On June 1st, the next billing date, the cleverbridge platform automatically bills the customer ¥60,000.


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