Use Case: Combine an Immediate Upgrade with an Early Renewal (Basic to Premium)

Assumptions and Preconditions


  1. On May 15th, 2016, a customer purchases a Basic Plan subscription to a photo storage and sharing service for $9.95 annually. The service provides the customer 100 gigabytes of cloud storage.
  2. On March 15th, 2017, the customer visits the client’s Customer Self-Service area to upgrade to the Premium Plan (unlimited storage) for $19.95 annually. The page uses the Get Subscription API endpoint to obtain and display the price of the Premium Plan, next billing date (May 15th, 2018), and other details regarding the subscription.
  3. After reviewing this information, the customer confirms this purchase by clicking a Buy Now button on the page. The page uses the Update Subscription API endpoint to upgrade and renew the customer's subscription to the photo storage and sharing service immediately.
  4. The cleverbridge platform bills the customer the full $19.95 renewal price for the next billing interval, which starts immediately. The remaining two months from the current billing interval are added to the next billing interval, moving the next billing date to May 15th, 2018.


Although not utilized in this use case, the following option is also available: