Use Case: Customize Subscription Renewal Price and Quantity

Assumptions and Preconditions

  • The subscription has the status Active.


  1. On April 8th, a customer receives a reminder to manually renew their annual subscription by the June 1st renewal date. They contact the client’s account manager, state that they might be interested in increasing the number of subscription licenses from 100 to 300, and ask for “the best price possible” if they do so.

  2. The client’s account manager accesses an intranet application that uses the Get Subscription API endpoint to retrieve details for the customer’s subscription.

  3. The client offers to reduce the customer’s per-license price from 29.95€ to 24.95€ at the time of renewal, contingent upon the customer renewing the subscription with a quantity of 300 licenses.

  4. The customer consents to the proposed changes. The account manager accesses an internal application that uses the Update Subscription Item Price API endpoint to change the price per license and the quantity of licenses, effective with the next billing date.

  5. On June 1st, the cleverbridge platform automatically bills the customer for the annual renewal at the new subscription per-license price and quantity.


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