Use Case: Customize Subscription Renewal Price

Assumptions and Preconditions

  • The subscription has the status Active.


  1. On July 8th, a customer purchases a client’s Enterprise Platform subscription, which requires the customer to specify the number of seats for the subscription. The customer chooses 700 seats during the checkout process, which are priced at $22.95 per seat.

  2. On July 18th, the client opens an intranet page that uses the Get Subscription API endpoint to display the customer's current subscription details. The client then contacts the customer to thank them for their purchase and ask for feedback.

  3. The customer states that they would like to purchase additional seats within the next 60 days and asks for a discount on the price per seat. The client negotiates a modified price per seat of $19.50 to apply to the existing 700 seats at the time of renewal and also to any additional seats that are purchased in the future.

  4. The client then changes the per-seat price for the customer’s subscription on the intranet page that uses the Update Subscription Item Price API endpoint to update the newly negotiated price.
  5. On August 8th, the customer’s subscription automatically renews, and the cleverbridge platform automatically bills the customer based upon the number of seats in the subscription and the revised price.


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