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Use Case: Reactivate a Subscription

Assumptions and Preconditions


  1. On August 1st, the client emails customers who had canceled their ABC subscriptions. The email contains an offer to reactivate the subscription.
  2. On August 3rd, a customer clicks a link in the email that redirects the customer to a page on the client's website.
  3. The customer clicks a button on the page to reactivate the subscription. The page uses uses two Subscription API endpoints to:
  4. The cleverbridge platform automatically bills the customer $229 for the reactivated subscription.
  5. On August 3rd of the following year, the cleverbridge platform automatically bills the customer $299 for the new billing interval.

Usage Notes

The client resets the billing date to August 3rd, the date of reactivation, because:

  • The original subscription's next billing date is in the past.


    If the client does not reset the billing date, the customer will be billed for all billing intervals between the date of deactivation and reactivation.

  • Since the next billing date is at the subscription level, changing it affects the billing of all items in the subscription.


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