Use Case: Retain Customer by Replacing a Subscription and Providing a Free Access Period

Assumptions and Preconditions

  • The subscription has the status Active.
  • Both products are set up in the Commerce Assistant.
  • Both products have the same billing interval.


  1. On January 1st, a customer purchases a client’s cloud-based PaymentsLaw legal research service, paying $5,000 for a subscription that renews quarterly.
  2. On June 24th, the client introduces the new subscription product ComplianceShield with identical functionality but priced at $3,500 quarterly. Due to this price difference, the customer contacts an account manager to cancel.
  3. The account manager accesses an internal application that uses the Get Subscription API endpoint to retrieve customer’s subscription details, including the next billing date.
  4. To retain the customer and to avoid a refund, the account manager offers to:
    • Replace the PaymentsLaw subscription with the ComplianceShield subscription effective on the renewal date of July 1st.
    • Provide free access to ComplianceShield for the first 30 days.
  5. The customer accepts this offer, so the account manager updates the subscription on the cleverbridge platform using the internal application, making the following changes:
  6. On July 1st, the PaymentsLaw subscription ends and the ComplianceShield subscription begins. No billing is generated at this time.
  7. On July 31st, the cleverbridge platform automatically bills the customer $3500 for ComplianceShield's new quarterly billing interval.


Although not utilized in this use case, the following option is also available:

  • Apply a discount coupon that was set up in the Commerce Assistant to reduce the price of the free trial subscription after the first billing interval.



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