Use Case: Track Performance of a Promotional Campaign for Subscription Customers

Assumptions and Preconditions


  1. On January 5th, the client creates a list of all customers who canceled their monthly subscription to the client's Anonymous Browse subscription. The client uses this list to email a 25% discount offer to customers if they reactivate the subscription. The client tracks which subscriptions were reinstated by including an x-parameter in the link in the email, for example, x-promotion=25off.
  2. On January 6th, a customer clicks the link in the email and is redirected to a page.
  3. The customer accepts the reactivation offer and submits the page.
  4. The page uses three Subscription API endpoints to:
  5. The cleverbridge platform automatically bills the customer for the renewal, and the subscription x-parameter is automatically copied to the next purchase.
  6. On June 1st, the client uses the cleverbridge Business Intelligence reporting tool to assess campaign performance by tracking rebilling cycles based on the x-parameter.


Obtain the customer's consent for changes to subscriptions. For more information, see Best Practices: Obtaining Customer Consent


sub bill report track promotion