Use Case: Turn Off Automatic Renewal


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Assumptions and Preconditions

The subscription has the status Active.


A client offers a subscription product, Extreme Sports Training Portal, that includes real-time tracking of customer fitness training activities using the customer's smartwatch.

  1. On June 2nd, a customer of the product is injured and must withdraw from sporting activities for three months. Intending to cancel the subscription, the customer logs into the portal and clicks a link to access the subscription information. The portal uses the Get Subscription API endpoint to retrieve the subscription details from the cleverbridge platform.
  2. The portal offers the customer the option to turn off automatic renewal of the subscription, which does the following:
    • Prevents the customer's fitness tracking data from being deleted
    • Changes the status of the customer's subscription to Deactivated
    • Changes the renewal type of the subscription from Automatic to Manual
    • Stops billing until automatic renewal is reactivated
  3. The customer clicks the button to turn off automatic renewal of the subscription. This triggers the portal to use the Deactivate Subscription Items API endpointUpdate Subscription Renewal Type API endpoint to update the subscription on the cleverbridge platform, deactivating itchanging its renewal type to Manual.


If the customer's subscription contains more than one subscription itemClosedA subscription item is component of a subscription with its own set of attributes including price, description and feature set. (multi-item subscription), you must offer a "turn off automatic renewal" option for every subscription item. Customers can then decide for which subscription items they want to turn off automatic renewal: one item, several items, or all items.