Use Case: Update Subscription to Reflect Product Renaming or Rebranding

Assumptions and Preconditions

The subscription product's price and billing interval are not changed.


As part of a market repositioning and rebranding initiative, a client changes its company name and renames its subscription products.

  1. The client creates and executes a batch program that uses the Get Subscriptions for Customer API endpoint to obtain information for each running subscription, including subscription ID, running numbers, and product ID.
  2. The client executes a second batch program that uses the Update Subscription Item API endpoint to update the product name and the product's additional name information for each subscription itemClosedA subscription item is component of a subscription with its own set of attributes including price, description and feature set. associated with each product ID that has had a name and description change.


Although not utilized in this use case, the following options are also available:

  • Update only the product name, not the product's additional name information.

  • Update only the product's additional name information, not the product name.
  • Configure the system to use the product name from the Commerce Assistant product configuration instead of the product name stored in the subscription item.


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