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We continuously improve our platform by releasing new features, fixing bugs, and delivering updated documentation. You can read about these enhancements in our changelog.

April 2019


  • When a customer turns on/off automatic renewal for their subscription, they now receive an email confirming the change.
Payments & Transactions
  • The timeout for notification delivery can be configured on the notification level. This allows us to set longer timeouts for critical notifications, such as those used for your license management system.
APIs & Integration
  • A history entry is created when the renewal type of a subscription changes. You can view history entries in the Commerce Assistant’s Purchase Viewer.
Subscription Billing
  • When you call the Get Subscription API endpoint, you now receive up-to-date customer payment information. For more information, see Get Subscription.
APIs & Integration


  • We’ve optimized the way in which we process scheduled reports in the Business Intelligence.


  • We fixed a bug affecting the y-axis in some reports generated in the Commerce Assistant.
  • The validation of VAT IDs that customers enter on our checkout pages takes less time.
Checkout Process
  • We fixed a bug that allowed a customer to order a physical product without submitting a complete delivery addresses.
Checkout Process