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Getting Started with Integration

Are you a developer who wants to get started with the subscription commerce platform? cleverbridge recommends that you complete several steps.

  1. Choose the pricing model that best fits your business. See Choosing a Subscription Pricing Model.
  2. Set up products in your account. See Configuring Your Products.
  3. Integrate the license management tool with your platform so you can generate licenses after sign-ups and renewals. See Add a License Key Generator in the Commerce Assistant.
  4. Set up notifications (webhooks) to upload transactional data for use in your internal system. See Manage Automated Notifications.
  5. Integrate your platform with our subscription management APIs. See Subscription API.
  6. Have your hosted pages configured by cleverbridge's design team so that they match your existing website. See Branding Your Checkout Process.
  7. Use the test credit card that we assigned to your account to test the sign-up and renewal process. See Step 7: Test the Cart.

To get access to the subscription commerce platform, contact our Sales Team.