About Internal Product Information

Internal product information serves as cross-references to your existing product data. If you have existing definitions for a product, entering that information in the Product portal in the Commerce Assistant is a best practice for maintaining data cohesion with the cleverbridge platform.

Internal product information is comprised of three parts:

  • Internal product ID
  • Internal name
  • Internal category

Use Cases

Here are some scenarios showing how using internal product information is helpful:

  • If you've used an in-house ecommerce solution before using cleverbridge, you can use internal product information so that it's easy for you to recognize your products.
  • If you use other ecommerce resellers in addition to cleverbridge, each uses its own product ID. This means each of your products would have multiple IDs. If you use internal product IDs, you can keep track of your products by the ID you easily recognize.
  • If you are offering a product selection in the checkout process, you can submit the internal product ID to trigger the pre-selection of a particular option. For example, imagine that you are offering the following subscription options for a product - 6 months, 1 year, and 2 years. You can submit your internal product ID for the 1-year subscription product so that it is pre-selected for the customer. To trigger a pre-selection using the internal ID for a specific option in a selection, use the following parameter &cart=S<selection ID>:I<internal product ID> (e.g. &cart=S42149:I543).

Using the Internal Product ID

If you would like to use your internal product ID in the order process, you can submit the internal ID as a parameter with the number prefixed by the capital letter I.


A cleverbridge product ID in an order URL is formatted&cart=42149, but an internal ID would be formatted &cart=I543.

In the Commerce Assistant

If internal product information is entered, it overrides the external name in the Commerce Assistant with the exception of the Product portal, which displays both internal and external information. Internal product information is accessible in the following areas:

  • Product portal (General section)
  • Promotions (Products section)
  • Recommendations (Products section)
  • Price configurations (Products section)
  • Commission configurations (Products section)
  • Link Generator (Cart)
  • Product lists
  • Product selections
  • Catalogs (Products/Product Selections tab)
  • The payment report spreadsheet showing all purchases for the month