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We continuously improve our platform by releasing new features, fixing bugs, and delivering updated documentation. You can read about these enhancements in our changelog.

August 2019


  • We have improved the default configuration settings for new client accounts. New clients now receive the latest subscription features automatically, which reduces manual efforts during the account setup phase.
Subscription Billing
  • Our Customer Support representatives can launch a purchase search in the Commerce Assistant from the support ticket system. This will reduce turnaround times for customer inquiries.


  • We have enhanced our VAT refund process: Customers now receive a cancelation of the original invoice and a new invoice showing the final amount without VAT.
Payments & Transactions


  • We fixed a bug affecting some customers who changed their payment method when they had a past-due subscription.
Subscription Billing
  • We fixed a bug causing an error to be thrown when a customer downgraded part of a multi-item subscription.
Subscription Billing