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We continuously improve our platform by releasing new features, fixing bugs, and delivering updated documentation. You can read about these enhancements in our changelog.

October 2019


  • We are excited to inform you that the Customer Management module is now available in the Subscription Commerce Manager, our web-based admin tool. This module enables your customer service representatives to quickly find customer and subscription-related details using our new Smart Search technology. As a result, you will decrease the time spent managing each customer support ticket and ultimately reduce your operational costs.
  • Using our new GraphQL API, you can now manage customers, products, and prices in your own internal system or CRM, without having to open a cleverbridge application. Some of the tasks that you can perform via this API include:

    • Get customer emails and purchase documents
    • Renew license keys and download links
    • Create and manage your products
    • Populate your internal product catalog with cleverbridge data

    To learn more, see Common Uses for the GraphQL API.

APIs & Integration
  • We optimized our hosted checkout pages by making it possible for our frontend developers to use a newer, more standardized version of jQuery.
Checkout Process
Payments & Transactions


  • We fixed a bug affecting some of the help topics in the Contextual Help Panel in the Commerce Assistant.