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We continuously improve our platform by releasing new features, fixing bugs, and delivering updated documentation. You can read about these enhancements in our changelog.

March 2020


  • If you are a company that offers data-limited subscriptions, you can now use the ResetBillingInterval parameter in the Renew Subscription and Update Subscription Item API endpoints to reset a customer’s billing interval when you renew, upgrade, or downgrade their data package. For more information, see Partnerize X-Parameters.
APIs & Integration
  • The Recommendations section is now available in the Subscription Commerce Manager, our web-based admin tool. This section enables your ecommerce managers to set up the products that are recommended to customers during the checkout process. The Recommendations section is available right now at Just use your cleverbridge credentials to log in. To learn more, see Marketing Campaigns.
Channel Management
  • To ensure compliance, we implemented new regulations from the national invoice laws of Singapore.
Payments & Transactions
  • It is now possible for B2B customers in Spain, Poland, and Italy to submit their tax IDs in the checkout process so that they are always correctly taxed. This information is also included on their invoices.
Payments & Transactions
  • To ensure that customers accurately know how long their subscriptions last, we’ve made it possible for you to automatically add the Duration of each subscription product to your customers’ invoices. This prevents you from having to manually write this information in the Additional Name Information field in the Commerce Assistant, or the Product Subtitle field in the Subscription Commerce Manager. To have the duration of your subscription products automatically added to your invoices, contact Client Experience.
Payments & Transactions
  • We added an Exclude field to most of the dimensions in the Business Intelligence reporting tool. This field enables you to exclude results for specific IDs and run more specific reports. For more information, see Dimensions.
Reporting & Analytics


  • We adjusted our NL VAT ID algorithm to ensure that valid VAT IDs submitted by sole traders are accepted in the cleverbridge checkout process.
Payments & Transactions


  • We fixed an error that occurred when attempting to access the EU VAT service to verify German VAT IDs.
Payments & Transactions
  • We fixed a bug that affected the status of a subscription after a direct debit.
Payments & Transactions