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We continuously improve our platform by releasing new features, fixing bugs, and delivering updated documentation. You can read about these enhancements in our changelog.

November 2023


  • Convert Insight into Foresight with CleverInsights
    Check out our latest analytics product: CleverInsights. CleverInsights helps you conduct a comprehensive analysis of your subscription business and assess how you’re performing compared to the market. Fortified by AI technology, you can forecast your performance, detect, and inspect anomalies in your operations, and benchmark your subscription KPIs against comparable businesses. For more information, see CleverInsights.
  • CleverInsights is currently in public preview, is part of our premium analytics offer, and accessible at Contact Client Experience to activate it.

    Why this is important: Managing forecasted results and learning from the spikes & dips in your performance puts data at the center of every decision you make. It also allows you to identify patterns and predict behavior, generating therefore foresight out of insight.


  • Reduce your Churn Rate with Cohort Analysis
    Churn cohort analysis is now available within our Subscription Analytics. The cohort method allows you to group subscription items by sign-up date and analyze their performance over time. For more details, see Subscription Analytics Pages.
  • The churn cohort analysis is currently in public preview and accessible at Simply log in using your Cleverbridge credentials.

    Why this is important: The cohort method allows you to uncover seasonal trends, dive deeper into potential churn triggers, and optimize revenue retention by strategically allocate your efforts. Ultimately, you will be able to improve your customer lifetime value (CLV).


  • New Payment Mapping & Response Codes for PayPal
    To properly diagnose PayPal declined transactions and correctly identify the decline reasons, we added a payment provider mapping and specific PayPal decline codes to our existing response codes. Providing specific PayPal decline causes instead of generic declines allows us to identify the decline causes, counteract the transaction declines in a timely manner.
  • Why this is important: Cleverbridge is making small improvements to optimize the PayPal payment approval. Creating more transparency on the back-end conversion process improves decline rates for PayPal-enabled transactions and ultimately uplifts the PayPal checkout completion.


  • Response Code Mapping Update
    To keep up to date with the response codes in Payments, we updated our database with the latest transaction response codes and mapped them with the harmonized codes. This update is applicable for the response codes handling our EU payment acquirer as well as our US payment acquirer.
  • Why this is important: Updating the response mapping aims to reduce the category "Unknown" for credit card declines, which leads to a better understanding of credit card declines, with the ultimate goal of improving our credit card success rate.