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We continuously improve our platform by releasing new features, fixing bugs, and delivering updated documentation. You can read about these enhancements in our changelog.

May 2020


  • Automatic Retry Logic for License Key Generation and Key Lists
    If a customer’s license key cannot be generated at the time of purchase or the list of pre-generated keys cannot be accessed when, for example, a server error occurs, an automatic retry logic now kicks in. The cleverbridge platform will make up to five attempts to generate the license key or obtain the key from the key list (after 1-2-4-8-16 hours). Besides reducing manual effort, this logic will have a positive effect on the chargeback and refund rate.

Products & Pricing
  • Automatic Notification in Case of VAT, GST, or Sales Tax Refunds
    You can subscribe to a new notification that is sent when a VAT, GST, or sales tax refund is issued to one of your business customers. If you want to be informed about this event, set up the notification type and store the data in your internal systems. For the XML and JSON schema definition, see VatRefundNotification. For information on how to set up notifications, see Manage Notifications in the Commerce Assistant.

APIs & Integration


  • New Global Default Title for Customer Invoices
    We decided to change the default title on our customer invoices to “Tax Invoice” for all countries and languages because more and more countries legally require such a title. Any titles that were previously customized at the client account level were not changed. For more information, contact Client Experience.
    Why this is important: A tax invoice is a legal document sent by a seller to a customer showing the amount of tax payable. It also includes the description, quantity, and value of the goods and services sold.
Payments & Transactions