Purchase Orders

A purchase order is a payment option offered only to institutional customers in which software is delivered immediately without the upfront collection of payment. cleverbridge offers the following three ways to process purchase orders:


The three options are summarized below:

  Online order with fax, letter, or email validation Fax, letter, or email order Online order for partners
Customer type Institutional customers Institutional customers Registered partners
Validation of order data Fax, letter, or email to cleverbridge Fax, letter, or email to cleverbridge No offline validation
Enable purchase order as a payment option Enabled per client request with a database setting by our Technical Support Purchase order option is not enabled as a setting, but granted on an individual basis by the client Enabled in the Commerce Assistant in each individual partner interface
Activate individual purchase orders Order accepted in the Commerce Assistant by the client or by cleverbridge depending on the client's policy. Order converted in the Commerce Assistant from the status Awaiting Release for Purchase Order to Purchase Order Order converted in the Commerce Assistant from the status Unpaid to Purchase Order No release in the Commerce Assistant is required
Purchase order option offered in order process Yes No Yes

To understand the purchase order process, see also the following flow chart:

For more information about purchase orders, contact Client Experience.