Add Products to a Promotion

Open the promotion to which you want to add products. Open the Products section. Follow these steps:

  1. In the List type drop-down, select:

    1. Exclude List to exclude specific products from the promotion. This option is best when you have only a few products that are not included in the promotion. Or

    2. Include List to include specific products in the promotion. This option is best when you have a limited number of products in the promotion.

  2. In the Available Products section, select the products to include in or exclude from the promotion.

    1. To filter the list of products, click in the Quick Find filter above the column header row, and enter search text.

    2. To select multiple items at once, press and hold the CTRL button on your keyboard while selecting the individual items, or, to select a range, click on the top line item in the range, and press and hold the SHIFT button on your keyboard while clicking on the bottom line item in the range.

  3. Click the Right arrow blue arrow, or drag-and-drop the items to the Selected Products section. The selected products move to the Selected Products section on the right.


    To search through a list of Selected Products, enter text in the search field at the top of the Selected Products section. You can navigate the match(es) using the arrows on the right.

  4. Click Save.

Copy Content from the List

You can copy content from the list and paste it into a text file or spreadsheet, for example. For more information, see Search ✱ > Search ✱.