Best Practice: Test with MVT Campaigns

When you are optimizing the checkout process and performing multivariate testing, you can choose from several best practices in orderClosed An agreement between a seller and a buyer to exchange goods and/or services for money. An order can: - contain multiple products and quantities; - have multiple financial transactions. A preorder authorization is considered an order. to achieve the best test results.

Test Similar Variables

For clear test results, test similar variables, such as:

  • A button with two different colors
  • An opt-in vs. an opt-out
  • A header vs. no header

This ensures you have measurable results. If you test different variables, such as a button color change vs. an opt-out, it will be impossible to tell which item triggered the purchaseClosed An order made by a customer and the records associated with it..

Test One Change at a Time

Test one change to your checkout at a time to make it clear what is driving conversions. For example, you want to test a button color change and an opt-in vs. opt-out offer. Instead of testing both changes at once, first test the button color change. After you are satisfied with those results, you can then test the opt-in vs. opt-out.

Test Candidates at the Same Time

One common testing methodology is to test one candidate first for a period of time (at least one full week, but 14 days are recommended), and then to switch the test to a second candidate for a second period of time. However, testing all candidates at the same time ensures that outside factors such as time of year don’t distort your test results. The MVTClosed Multivariate testing (MVT) is a technique for testing two or more different variables in the checkout process to determine which variable creates more revenue or a higher conversion rate. campaign randomly assigns the candidates to normalize external factors.


If you have one MVT and two candidates with equally 100 sessions, candidate one wins. In order to test candidate one against another candidate, deactivate candidate two and set up a new candidate for the same MVT for testing. Setting up a new candidate prevents wrong testing results.