Control & Configure Your Checkout Pages Using URL Parameters

Checkout process URLs contain variables called parameters that you can use to control the transaction process. Parameters are components appended to a Cleverbridge URL in orderClosed An agreement between a seller and a buyer to exchange goods and/or services for money. An order can: - contain multiple products and quantities; - have multiple financial transactions. A preorder authorization is considered an order. to control the behavior of the Cleverbridge platform. They are appended to the URL after the mandatory components.

Individual parameters are preceded by an ampersand (&).


You can pre-select the language of the page by appending the following: &language=it. In this case, the page displays in Italian.

URL structure italian

Multiple parameters are shown in the example below:

URL structure many parameters

Value Tip

You can trigger a B2B checkout funnel by appending the following to your checkout URL: &b2b=true. In this case, the checkout page displays the B2B-specific parameters a B2B customerClosed An individual or business purchasing your product or service by placing an order through Cleverbridge. The customer is the end user of this product, as they are not allowed to resell the purchased products or services. ​ A customer is unique per client. If a customer purchases products or services from two different clients, there are 2 separate records of said customer.​ needs to complete the order effortlessly. The B2B checkout parameters include:

  • Net pricing display
  • Tax breakdown
  • Price quote request
  • Company address field
  • Billing & licensee address (optional)
  • Review process for the order
  • Automated tax or VatId validation & exemption

There are many popular uses for parameters, including:

  • Setting a cookie on a customer's browser to save shopping cart items
  • Creating a "Continue Shopping" link
  • Setting a currency for the order
  • Configuring discounts (using a coupon code)
  • Adding recommendations
  • Adding a campaign tracking pixel application to track orders

For a list of the URL parameters offered by Cleverbridge , see List of Checkout Process Parameters.


Cleverbridge URLs must not exceed 2,000 characters. Certain browsers may not be able to process URLs that exceed this length.

Basic Components of Checkout Process URLs

The basic components of a checkout process URL are as follows:
<client account id>/
&cart=<product list>
&<additional Parameter>


Parameter Description
<client account id> your Cleverbridge ID number.

Valid scope names are cart, checkout, and quote. Additional scopes for partners are checkoutres and quoteres. For more information, see Further Parameter Values for the Scope Parameter.

Example: &scope=checkout

<product list>

Cleverbridge product ID or internal product ID of the selected product(s). Separate multiple product IDs with a comma. If the internal product ID is used, it should be preceded by the capital letter I.



<additional parameter> An additional, optional parameter.