Get Transparency about Transactions


You can use our web admin tool to look for any transaction processed by Cleverbridge and its related purchaseClosed An order made by a customer and the records associated with it.. For more information, see Manage > Search for a Purchase.

Ready to see who’s buying your products and what was sold? The Transactions Search section in the Commerce Assistant (CA) is your place to find everything related to purchases, such as:

In this section, you can also:

Viewing Transactions

You can view transactions in a search list or individually in their respective viewers. The Cleverbridge system assigns a unique reference number to every transaction so it can be easily located.

Transaction Details

You can view data for all transactions, such as:

Transaction Administration

You can perform administrative tasks on these transactions, such as:

  • Renew invoices
  • Renew download links and license keys
  • Resend order confirmation emails
  • Solve Customer Support issues
  • Manage recurring billing