Track Revenue with X-Parameters

What are your sources of revenue? How much revenue do those sources generate? Answer these questions and more using x-parameters and revenue tracking.

Learn about Customers

Use x-parameters and revenue tracking to learn more about your customers’ buying behavior. Revenue tracking helps you identify what is successful and what is not in your revenue streams.


In this example:

The images below show the last three bulletpoints as a sequence of steps:

This report, generated in the Business Intelligence (BI), provides the number of orders for the Easter Special sub-parameter, for last month, for the Parameter 1 revenue tracking hierarchy that is set up in the Revenue Tracking Tool in the Commerce Assistant (CA).


You can also view this report in the Commerce Assistant (CA) by navigating to Reporting > Open Report > Promotions and recommendations > Promotions > Revenue and selecting the report By promotion grouped by time.

Organize your Data

Revenue Tracking Setup and Business Intelligence (BI) reporting work together to provide you with tracking information. However, if you don't use revenue tracking with the BI, you can still use Revenue Tracking Setup as a way to centralize and organize your revenue tracking information. For example, you can organize your email campaigns, newsletters, advertisements, and more with this tool.