Upcoming Renewals

The Upcoming Renewals dashboard enables you to monitor customers whose subscription renewal date is approaching. By default, the dashboard displays renewals for the next 30 days, but you can customize the timeframe from the drop-down list. You can also specify a custom interval within the upcoming year.

Within the Upcoming Renewals dashboard, three distinct areas provide insights into renewal status and potential revenue impact.

Upcoming Renewals Widget

The Upcoming Renewals widget displays the total number of subscriptions scheduled for renewal, broken down by day. It's followed by a table offering comprehensive details regarding the upcoming renewals.

Overview of Upcoming Renewals

In the table accompanying the Upcoming Renewals widget, comprehensive details about each impending renewal are available to you, including:

Estimated Upcoming ARR Widget

The Est. Upcoming ARR widget provides insights into potential revenue from renewals, showcasing the total ARR expected if all subscriptions listed in the table are successfully renewed. Organized by days within a selected period, this widget helps in forecasting revenue flow.