Release Notes H1 2017

Subscriptions & Recurring Billing

APIs & Integration

  • When you have your own internal product IDs, you can use them to communicate with the Cleverbridge platform. This is now possible when using the CartPreview function as well. For more information, see cleverbridge REST API documentation: CartService.
  • If you are offering a product selection in the checkout process, you can submit the internal product ID in the Product Portal to pre-select a particular option. For more information, see About Internal Product Information.
  • Integration failures between Salesforce and the Commerce Assistant now trigger an error log entry that you can see and filter in the Commerce Assistant. These failures also trigger error notifications, which are sent by email. For more information, see Error Types .

Checkout Process

  • Using MVTClosed Multivariate testing (MVT) is a technique for testing two or more different variables in the checkout process to determine which variable creates more revenue or a higher conversion rate. campaigns, you can test checkout processes by routing particular groups of customers to a particular user experience. This function has been expanded in the following ways. You can now route customers to a UX based on a parameter. It is also possible to route customers to a particular checkout process using so-called referer information. In other words, you can route visitors of particular websites to a particular UX. For use cases, see Manage an MVT Campaign.
  • The cfg= parameter allows you to dynamically change the user experience of Cleverbridge-hosted pages. This parameter is now additionally supported by pages that enable users to change the payment option for a subscription or activate/deactivate auto-renewal.
  • Using a Cleverbridge API, you can create protected URLs (UURLs) that mask parameters and offer one-time discounts or other special offers. When you create a protected URL, you can now offer purchase order as a payment method as well. For more information, see cleverbridge REST API documentation: UrlGeneratorRestService.
  • Using an API, it is possible to create session URLs (SURLs) that mask parameters, are valid for one purchase, and auto-expire after 72 hours. Cleverbridge now allows you to retroactively add self-defined, additional parameters, called x-parameters, to the session URLs. For more information, see Create a Session URL (SURL).

Reporting & Analytics

  • Web analytics integration is now fully supported on subscription management pages, such as the deactivation, reactivation, and payment update pages.
  • Additionally, Cleverbridge can now submit details about MVT campaign candidates, as well as the configuration information (user experience), to web analytics tools. This allows you to further analyze MVT campaigns and user behavior within third-party analytics tools.

Products & Pricing

  • Dual-Layer DVDs (DVD-DL) are supported by Cleverbridge for backups.
  • When creating or importing a new product, a product name in English is now mandatory. For more information about how this affects product imports, see Products ✱.

Commerce Assistant & Business Intelligence

  • The Business Intelligence Bookmark feature has been improved. It is now possible to create account bookmarks that can be used by your entire company. You can also move personal bookmarks to the account bookmarks folder.
  • In the Price Configuration, Product List, Promotion, and Recommendation portals, it is possible to search through a list of selected or original products.

Payments & Transactions

  • If a customer updates or changes the payment details during the grace period of a subscription, the payment is immediately processed. Previously, the payment wasn’t processed until the end of the grace period.

For more information about the new features and enhancements, contact Client Experience.