Manage an MVT Campaign

You can use the MVTClosedMultivariate testing (MVT) is a technique for testing two or more different variables in the checkout process to determine which variable creates more revenue or a higher conversion rate. Campaignportal to add, view, and edit MVT campaigns used for multivariate testing. You can also use this portal to route customers by region, language, browser, or operating system without performing testing.

Different versions of the checkout process, called candidates, are set up. When a customer begins the checkout process, one of the candidates is randomly assigned if the candidates have the same link audience.

A candidate ranking indicator with stars displays for active, eligible candidates and shows you when a candidate becomes statistically significant and should be analyzed.

The following are the basic steps for implementing an MVT campaign:

To successfully manage an MVT Campaign, complete the following tasks:



When you are optimizing the checkout process and performing multivariate testing, take note of several best practices for achieving the best test results. See Best Practice: Testing with MVT Campaigns.


An important best practice is to use a display URL on your website with an underlying destination URL. See Best Practice: Use Display URLs.