Collect Overdue Offline Payments (Dunning)

The inability to collect offline payments can occur for a variety of reasons, including poor communication or forgetful customers. To counteract these issues, Cleverbridge provides our automatic payment delinquency notices for customers submitting purchase orders (POs) and an assortment of other customer emails.

Payment Delinquency Notices

When a customer selects purchase order (PO) as a payment method, they are given a payment term of 14, 30, or 60 days (depending on your requirements) to submit a payment. If the money is not received by the end of this period, cleverbridge starts the dunning process to secure the payment.

As can be seen in the table below, our communication consists of several emails sent to the customer. After that, we can notify you of the delinquency and cancel the purchase order within 2 to 3 days.

Event Action Triggered
Purchase made with Purchase Order payment method Customer receives an order confirmation email with payment instructions and an invoice
30 days without payment (or any other term, depending on your requirements) 1st payment delinquency notice (PDN) sent by Cleverbridge via email
14 days after 1st PDN (44 days without payment) 2nd PDN sent by Cleverbridge via email
14 days after 2nd PDN (58 days without payment) 3rd and last PDN sent by Cleverbridge via email
7 days after 3rd PDN (65 days without payment)


This dunning setting is optional.

Cleverbridge notifies you about the delinquency and the order is canceled within 2-3 business days unless you request to keep the order active. You can take further action.


First Payment Delinquency Notice

In the Commerce Assistant, you can find a history entry for each payment delinquency notice and the corresponding email, with the attached PDF document. For information on how to access this information, see View Purchases.


The following customers and orders are exempt from the dunning schedule described above:

  • Resellers (partners) with a high number of purchases. They are notified about all unpaid purchases at the end of the month.
  • Test orders are automatically excluded from the PDN process.


You can ask Cleverbridge to cancel a purchase order (PO) at any time, and we will update the order. The order will be given the “canceled” status in the Commerce Assistance, and you may then decide to deactivate the customer's license key, if applicable.


Many companies offer technical support, maintenance, or some other type of service with their products. It is at your discretion whether or not you want to deny these services to customers who have unpaid purchase orders. For more information about our policies concerning purchases orders, see Frequently Asked Questions about Purchase Orders.

Automated Customer Emails

Part of the communication between Cleverbridgeand your customers during the purchase and subscription process is via email. The emails are triggered by events, such as a purchase made or signup for a subscription, and are automatically sent by the Cleverbridge platform.

To learn about the assortment of emails that we offer, and which emails we use to counteract overdue wire transfers and other non-PO offline payments, see Customer Email Types.